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Disaster Relief and Recovery for the Bahamas

Recently the northern Bahamas had hurricane Dorian damage and destroy lives, homes, and businesses. They are in need of help. Beginning as soon as Wednesday September 4th Island Tyme will begin flights to deliver life saving supplies to the survivors of the hurricane.


If you are able to donate there are locations set up (see drop off locations below) that we will use to stage and deliver to the Islands. Supplies such as food, water, emergency and medical supplies are critical.

Please check for more information we will be updating when it becomes available.


The following aircraft have been donated for use.

Island Tyme has donated pilots and 3 aircraft. 2 Piper Aztecs and a Beech 18.

Alex Garcia has donated his services and Cessna 182. Thank you Alex!

That’s so far and there are more to come.

Drop off Locations

Being set up, currently 2 at Lantana airport, 1 at Palm Beach International. Contact lindsey


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